What a Lame

Ohohohohohohoh hye haha. Assalammualaikum.

I was expanding my nose, dude. Cool aite? Ahah :3

Ok since my title for this post is 'What a Lame' i'll explain it to all of you why. Yeah, i think everybody will be bored with a new thing. If they're not boring they will feel weird. They dont use to be with the new curious thingy. Ha-ha curious lah sangat. It's like a stranger comes to their life. Uh-oh same like me. But i wont feel boring, just weird and wanted to know more. It's experiencing what.

So, actually i wanna tell you all about Skype. Lol, i just created a Skype account two days ago. At first i was blanked. Yeah i have no idea what to do. So i just personalized my profile, put my photo and etc. I meant, the easy one ah, i did first. And then i let it be liddat. Me noob -__-

At night i was tweeting, suddenly Hanan asked me about Skype. Haha since he was the only one who's there, i asked him to tell me more about Skype. So he teached me how to add a contact.  Oh talk about contact, untill now i just added him only. Hahah i dont know who else to be added. If all of you read this and feel free to add me, just search Aindzrh. Ok thanks for your cuteness xD Tak nak add pon takpe ah, idgaf. And then he asked me, ''Nak skype tak?'' Wo wo woooooo of course i will. For the first time, dude. I wore my tudung and... we go CRAZAYHHHH!

Man, ini dah berapa banyak kali snap tah. Dia suruh aku buat senyuman yg menawan. Penat siot.

Ohhhhhhhhh while skyping, both of us menganjing. Lol, Hanan sakai nak mampus ah aku cakap. Dia ejek aku tak reti guna Skype lah, apa lah. Aku lempang kang~ Haha but now i have know how to use it babeh. Dont you dare to insult me. Ahahahaha xD So, we skyped until 5.30 am liddat ah. Oh ya time tu kitorang tak tidur. Huh btw, thank you for teaching me Cikgu Zayn Hanan Levine Abdul Halim. You are so hilarious like fuck, bro.