Triple Eleven

TRIPLE ELEVEN? ohh ah yes it's just a number. and not even a number but it's such a beautiful date too, aite? i believe there are many suprises or happy moment will/already happen today. maybe in the morning or afternoon or evening. and maybe at night or at 11.59 am? mana lah tau kan? :D

ME? hm well yeah, as usual nothing special hahah k whatever -.- uh forget it lah. lets continue with me and friends at the playground. about 5 pm Syahirah, Sakinah and Me went there. we accompanied Syahirah dated with her beloved Aji muahahaha :3 and then while waiting them dating around the housing area, we lepak with Alep, Faris, Harith and budak2 bola SKSU. it was like an unexpected thingy lah. we dont even planned liddis. hahaha kebetulan je pon...

THEN me and Sakinah fetched Syahirah in front of the acik-jual-ice-cream's house. lol so panjang the name. harharhar stupid me. before Aji went home, he told us that her grandmother had passed away. okay i was very shocked :O like seriously, patutlah Aji being a bit moody sejak dua menjak ni lah. i noticed that... i asked him to be tough, strong. ada macam lagu wish you were here tak? haha eh not funny lah. for sure, pity him. much pity, pray for his late grandmother. Al-Fatihah.

AT THE PLAYGROUND Zharif so sakai haha k. with his baju sekolah agama dating ngan Sakinah pulak. he seeked for Sakinah's forgiveness because of..... not important ah for you to know xD me and Syahirah sat on the ground. dah macam tengok wayang free okay. hahaha we bugged them with jokes. suddenly there's someone (idk who is he/she) so stupid like hell came to me and put the fierce cat beside me. OH FUCK! then i grabbed Syahirah's shawl sekuat-kuatnya. im so scared sampai aku terbaring kat situ. yelah siap letak kat badan aku lagi. haihhhh sumpah aku takut. then i cried lah bitch. I CRIED. CRIED. CRIED. huh time tu everyone keep blaming each other. hah sial macam tut haha cuak semua. actually im not crying too much you know, deep insinde im laughing them and even myself. yeah man crazy aite? lepas dorang pujuk aku, aku bangun terus senyum :D hahaha Zharif ngan Syaqir kuanghajo gelakkan aku kat belakang. JUST WAIT AND SEE BRO. Okay that's all for this beautiful date. not much interesting activities. enjoy your life :)