Welcome to school, baby

Hye bloggers, so today is the first day of school. How's your day? Awesome or Awful? Hm if today is your first day of school, for me today is the last day im at Saujana Utama. What a sad.

Arghhh damn hell! Im not ready yet to leave Sakinah, Syahirah and Harith. But i have to do so. Yeah you know.. I wont be by their side anymore. Uh sounds very sad aite? Nevermind. I will try to accept all of this.  And that's not mean i have to forget 'em.

Oh ya, im supposed to go to school to meet Syada and her friends (senior form 2.) Yeah we have always wanted to meet since we knew each other on Twitter. But im very sorry cause i cant attend the school today. I have to settle all my urusan asrama. Sorry to Sakinah and Syahirah too cause both of you had planned a suprise for me. But we will postpone it tonight. Dont worry. We will create the sweetest moment ever, dear n__n

I think that's all for now and maybe tonight i will post a story again. So, you sweet stalkers wait for me. K chow! :-)