Last Day...

Assalammualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatuh! as we all know today is Friday and it is the last day of school. i bet nobody will love this because we are sad to leave our friends, teachers, acik kantin, cleaner sekolah and of course our memories with them. am i right?

So, in the morning as usual we will baca yassin together at the Dataran Glomac. and then for the pupils who got 5As had a rehearsal for tomorrow. me just lepak in the class with Zharif and Syaqir. huh being left by those 2 girls Sakinah and Syahirah was like sleeping without waking up again. haha get it?

After the rehearsal ended, we started to conteng2 baju with our own signatures, some speeches and etc. we spent our time with snapping so many pictures. when it turned to 12 o'clock, we went home. tu pon nak bagitau? haha k -.- 

Hmmm today not much interesting ah. but in the evening there's one. Sakinah i love you so much. XOXO hahahaha. i was like superduper happy until i cried. you are awesome girl. AWESOME! you know what happened? itsa secret. i guess later you all will know what is it.