Dont Ya Miss Me?

Hye there earthlings. Assalammualaikum and good morning, what else to greet you all? hahah enough said. enough is enough k. ENOUGH! lol what am i ridiculousing about? DAMN NOTHING. ha-ha stfu.

Continue to my real story, it's about how many days/week i havent update my blog aite? i dont even count 'em. well yeah lately im too buzy with my Twitter <3 yeah of course. then with my Sakai <3 harhar and the last, my Awesome <3 ok.....WHAT THE FUCKING STORY FROM HELL IS THAT HUH?! idky i love to talk about shit. yeah crapping alot. ahahaha WHATEVER. i know my story are all cool. enough said. again, STFU.

Just so you all know, im a girl. EH?! it has nothing to be related with your story lah ain. stop crapping bitch. heh hahahahaha WTF. im just bored in this school holidays. my daily routines was so mother fucking bored. when i woke up in the morning, i'll tweeting and texting with him until noon. then in the evening i'll take some fresh air at the playground with my friends. when it comes to night, i repeat the same thing as i did in the morning. EVERYDAY IM SHUFFLIN'. shuffling otak hang -.-

Boredom really kills me. everybody hates this B O R I N G word. yeah i know. kbye, all of you are boring too. haha enough said. just STFU lol. im bad and i know it.